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The Pacific 2019 Pitchfest will be held in the Port Theatrette, Hall 4, at the International Convention Centre (ICC) on Tuesday 8 and Wednesday 9 October

Tuesday 8 October 1500-1700 Port Theatrette
Wednesday 9 October 1430-1600 Port Theatrette

The Pacific 2019 Innovation Pitchfest Awards will be presented shortly after the Pitchfest on Wednesday 9 October

The Defence Science Institute has selected nearly 30 ‘pitchers’. A full list is below and can also be downloaded here.

The Pitches will be judged by an expert panel and the prizes for the "Best pitch", "Best Innovation" and "Maritime Benefit" will be awarded after the Pitchfest on Wednesday 9 October.

The Innovation Pitchfest is organised by Industry Defence Security Australia Limited (IDSAL) in partnership with the Defence Science Institute (DSI), the Defence Innovation Partnership (DIP), Defence Science Centre (DSC) and Defence Innovation Network (DIN).

Pacific 2019 Pitchfest – the ‘Pitchers’

First Name Surname Employer Topic
Brad Fraser Defence Science and Technology Group (DST) Training UAS to do our Bidding
Hurmat Ain Defence Science and Technology Group (DST) Ship‐helicopter Operations Analysis
John (JP) Smith Noetic Group The essential ingredient to take Defence and industry to new levels of cooperation
Kym Whittaker GoKymando Underwear you can change without going over the feet
Peter Round Kleos Space Independant Geolocation from Space ‐ Data as a Service
Shaun Deverson Lighthouse Futures Circularity the new 'Force Multiplier' for a sustainable Defence Force
Andrew Horsley Quantum Brilliance Mobile quantum computing using diamonds
John Wendolski Defence Science and Technology Group (DST) Magnetic Anomaly Detection from a UAV "Sub‐hunting with Drones"
Sunil Aryal Deakin University Are you aware that numbers can be misleading?
Martin Friebe Australian Maritime College (AMC) Improvement of the survivability of naval vessels through smart design choices
Vinay Sriram IPACS Equipment analytics and condition monitoring for Australia's current and future naval platforms
Tracie Thompson HackHunter Portable detection and location of malicious wireless activity
David Simpson University of Melbourne (UoM) The next frontier in chemical sensing: portable NMR
Hossein Mokhtarzadeh University of Melbourne (UoM) MilitaryPRIME
Asim Bhatti Deakin University Realtime Cognitive Monitoring and Alert System for Enhanced Situational Awareness
Nathan Pitchford University of Tasmania Defence Network Game‐Based Assessments to Investigate the Effects of Exercise and Heat on Cognitive Control
Darren Schuback The Whiskey Project The Whiskey Project ‐ The next generation of tactical watercraft!
Christos Sioutis Defence Science and Technology Group (DST) The Combat Cloud
Susan Cockshell Defence Science and Technology Group (DST) Human and AI Interactions
Julia Piotto Defence Science and Technology Group (DST) Analytical Wargaming Capability
Clint Heinze Defence Science and Technology Group (DST) AI Enabled Wargaming
Iwan Cornelius Amentum Defence and Security Unlocking legacy software gold with APIs
Dylan Dwyer Defence Science and Technology Group (DST) You want the ship to do what?!
Daniel Milford Chironix Making maintenance safer and more efficient while ensuring procedural adherence
Richard Eustace Defence Science and Technology Group (DST) Gas Turbine Engine Diagnostics


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