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Degaussing & Deperming Solutions

Wednesday 9 October
This event is open and complimentary to PACIFIC 2019 trade visitors, exhibitors and conference delegates.
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E3.9, Level 3 Exhibition, ICC Sydney

Being spotted by a magnetic sensor is a permanent threat for both surface ships and submarines. Magnetic sensors are embedded in underwater mines to detect vessels as well as in patrol aircraft to detect submarines using MAD technology (Magnetic Anomaly Detection). To counter this risk, navies have to reduce the magnetic signature of their vessels. To do so, they can use degaussing system or deperming system or both of them.

Degaussing system is installed onboard vessels to compensate the magnetic signature by creating the opposite magnetic field through coils supplied by converters. ECA Group solution key advantages are modularity, robustness and ease of use. It can be used for every type of vessels from mine hunters to aircraft carriers as well as submarines. This solution is sea proven and already used in a large number of vessels.

Deperming system performs an external magnetic treatment of the vessel through loops of cables supplied by converters. ECA Group solution is an overrun facility with deperming loop installed underwater on the seabed with the vessel sailing over this loop. The key advantages of this solution are reduced downtime (full operation in less than one day when wrapping system needs two weeks), reduced required workforce and can be used for different type and size of vessels such as surface ships and submarines.

The overrun facility includes a fixed ranging system and compensation loops allowing vertical separation of induced and permanent magnetizations as well as simulation and prediction of the magnetic signature anywhere on Earth.

Visit ECA Group at booth 4G9 and have a talk with their experts.

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